What should you pay attention to when running a cross country?

Time:2019-06-25 03:15:11

First, the preparation period

1. Take a rest from now on, and recharge your batteries.

2, from now on to store energy, eat more high-protein, high-sugar foods, such as beef, fresh milk, edible glucose water, chocolate and so on.

Second, before running (preparation activities)

1. Run slowly and sweat slightly.

2. Do the activities of pressing the leg, pressing the waist, turning the body, squatting shoulders, etc., and moving the related joints, ligaments and muscles.

3. Do a few 30 meters of accelerated running.

The above content is completed 20 minutes before the competition.

Later time

1. After the runway, do several vertical jumps in the field to improve your excitement.

2. Pay attention to keeping your body temperature during this time, don't let your body cool down.

Third, running

1. Don't be eager to lead in the beginning stage. Run at your own pace and speed. Don't consider your position. It may be faster than you to quit the game.

2. There will be a “pole” phenomenon during the running phase. The “pole” phenomenon is a normal physiological phenomenon. The symptoms are weakness, shortness of breath, and uncomfortable. It will give up the idea of giving up the game. At this time, you can slow down the speed and adjust your breathing. The teeth stick to the past and the back is easy.

3. After the "Pole" phenomenon, when the appropriate speed is released, the opportunity is better than the previous opponent. Don't worry, you need to chase step by step, one by one, you are tired and tired, you just need to go beyond him half a step, he will Will be discouraged.

4. In the final stage, use your perseverance and confidence to reach the end.

Fourth, after running

1. Don't sit on the ground immediately after the game is over, jog (walk) to relax, let the muscles, nerves and heart slowly recover.

2. It is forbidden to drink plenty of water immediately after the game is over (it will increase the burden on the heart). You can use a little bit of moisturizing throat and add water after 20 minutes.

3, after the game to take off wet clothes in time, and put on the dry, pay attention to keep warm, so as not to catch cold.

Five, pre-race diet

1, long-distance running generally starts around 9 am, you must eat before 8 o'clock to eat early, bread, fresh milk and so on. It can also be customized according to the time of the game, but it must be eaten 1 hour before the game.

2, drink some high concentration of glucose water 30 minutes before the game, glucose is a simple sugar can be quickly digested and absorbed directly on the muscle to form muscle glycogen, muscle glycogen is the source of energy. Do not drink other beverages, drink white water when you are thirsty, and do not eat any food within 30 minutes before the game. Remember! !

3, the game can not eat sweets such as chocolate on the day of the game, the scorpion will be sticky when eating the game.

4, gastric emptying time: solid food 1 hour, liquid 30 minutes.

Sixth, breathing

Breathing at the same time with your mouth and nose, the top of your tongue, let the air pass from both sides of the tongue, you can moisten the air, and avoid the cold air blowing the scorpion.